A Chicago Film and Video Production Company

Lakeview Productions LLC is a Chicago-based film and video production company offering high-end, full production services to our clients, including 35mm, 5K Ultra-HD, and more.

Mission Statement

We strive to be a creative, artistic and redemptive presence in the way we do our business and the quality of our work.

Our Craft

Watching a film is a lot like dreaming. A good film creates an immersive fantasy that we forget is not real--much like a dream. As we are unaware of how active our mind is while we dream, so the filmmaker works ferociously behind the scenes to create a seamless sensual tapestry.  As the architects of these celluloid dreams, we must strive on both a creative and a technical level.  Only in the union of these two disciplines is the viewer transported into living worlds, emotions, sensations, and thoughts that formerly only dreams could provoke.

Make your next shoot EPIC...

Lakeview Productions is proud to be one of the first of a handful of RED EPIC owners in the world. To learn more about the EPIC and our other gear, visit our equipment page.